What is Phlux?

See here.

How does it work?

Phlux is really easy to use. Its interface is based on touch gestures:

  • Swipe Left / Right to get a new picture
  • Swipe Down to see the help screen
  • Swipe Up to get photo options
  • Pinch to select the picture category
  • Tap to see date & location of the picture
  • Double Tap to extend the lifespan of a picture by another 24 hours

How can I participate

Phlux is a free anonymous photo sharing app.
You can uploaded any picture. Every picture expires automatically after 24 hours.
There is no registration, the upload is 100% anonymous.
There is no censorship (certain limitations may apply, due to Apple’s legal terms).

Who owns the picture after I upload it?

By uploading a photo, you confirm that you own the legal rights to publish it.
After a successful upload, you still own these rights. If you would like your picture to be removed, please use the “Report Abuse” function or send in an official support request.

What happens if I upload an offensive picture?

First of all, please don’t. This is supposed to be a fun app and we hope that every user respects that and helps us keep it fun and fair for everyone.

Second, if you upload an offensive picture, it will be reported and deleted immediately.

What qualifies as an offensive photo?

Any photo that is pornographic, violent or may in any other way be offensive to other viewers, will be regarded as an abuse and be flagged and deleted.

How can I report a copyright violation?

To report a copyright violation, please use the “Report Abuse” function in the app or send in an official support request, providing the date & location of the picture.

Someone uploaded a picture of me. Can I delete it?

If you would like a picture to be removed, please use the “Report Abuse” function in the app or send in an official support request.

Which devices / platforms are supported?

Phlux is available for free on the App Store and runs on any iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with iOS 8 and above.

What kind of data do you store?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What is the difference between the Free and Premium version?

The Free Version contains the following features:

  • Discover beautiful random pictures from around the world
  • Upload a picture to automatically expire after 24 hours
  • Double Tap a picture to give it another 24 hours
  • See the location and upload date of each photo
  • Share a picture with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or other apps

Upgrade to the Premium Version right within the app via In-App Purchase and get access to the Premium Features:

  • Save your favorite photos to see them any time
  • Select a picture category:
    • All: see random photos from around the world
    • Near Me: see photos there were taken near your current location
    • Favorites: save your favorite photos to view them at any time
    • Uploaded: see the photos you have uploaded

More features are in the works.